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News Archive

  • 31/03/09: We have finished the project!
  • 28/01/09: The course launched today with 25 students!
  • 23/12/08: draft version of the course has now been built and is recruiting well for January.
  • 12/12/08: met with Tony Toole and Pam Irwin to kick off our critical friends review process.
  • 08/07/08: Sandie and I have just visited Rupert Shepherd at the Ashmolean to discover whether they have any images we could use in our course - the answer is yes, now we have to decide which ones.
  • 07/07/08: Sandie has submitted her second draft of the content
  • 02/07/08: Tom has sent the Casper project our content list - i would like to say our final one, but I am sure that this won't be the case.
  • 05/06/08: Sandie visited us in Oxford for an intensive hands on look at the materials - we think we know what we want to use now!
  • 12/05/08: Sandie has submitted her first draft of all content and we are starting to build a sample unit to work out how to build the materials
  • 06/03/08: We have a signed off course spec! Sandie has produced this in record time.
  • 20/02/08: We are going to the project kick-off meeting in Birmingham