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Welcome to the Mosaic Project Wiki


What is Mosaic

Mosaic was a project to develop the online course, ‘Ancestral voices: the earliest English literature’, and a standard induction unit to introduce students to learning online, primarily from pre-existing content external to the University of Oxford and make it freely available for reuse and adaption to the UK HE community and more widely. The project also developed guidelines for authors and a case study, to disseminate the lessons learned both within the University and to the wider HE community.

The project was carried out by  TALL based at  Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, and was funded under the  JISC Reuse of learning content programme.

Find more information about our thoughts on this project and other things in the TALL Blog's Mosaic category .

Project Outputs

All available through the Project Outputs page

Core Project Team

 Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning Unit, Oxford University Department for Continuing Education:

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